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Bath Sponge Luffa


     Become soft when you put bath gel into it and makes you more relaxing during bath time, remove dull surface flakes, refresh and vitalize your skin. Good ideal in our daily life remove the grease and dead skin from the face and body easily and make our body smoothly & shiny after bathing. They endure high temperature water, save bath gel easily.


Specification :

Product Name : Bath Sponge, Mesh Sponge, Bath Puff, Shower Ball, Bath Ball & Luffa

Material : It is made from 100 % LDPE Plastic  Material.

Soft and Multicolor kid shower mesh sponge

Customize color and weight by demand

Usage : Used for Bath

Moisturizing skin care

Exfoliating surface skin cells care

High quality kid shower mesh sponge, soft and colorful, less soap consuming,producing more lather

Give you the bath massage, Refresh and vitalize your skin

Feel comfortable and radiant after shower

We can make any sizes, shapes, color and quality as per customer's requirements

HIGH quality, AFFORDABLE price & GOOD reputation